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Gertrude C. Ford Ole Miss Student Union

The University of Mississippi

About Event Registration

Latest updates for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) regarding events and activities for the Fall 2020 semester:

What constitutes the need for an event to be registered?

If a RSO’s event meets any one (or more) of the following criteria, event registration with the Student Union is required:

  • Alcoholic beverages will be present at the event (be sure to review the University’s Alcohol Policy Ole Miss Alcohol Policy pertaining to student organizations as well as local, state and federal laws pertaining to alcohol);
  • More than 150 individuals are expected to be in attendance at the event;
  • The event will be held outdoors;
  • The event is open to off-campus guests; and/or
  • The event will take place outside the Lafayette, Oxford, and University (LOU) area.

Failure to register an event that meets any of the above criteria will result in that RSO’s referral to the Office of Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct.

How to Submit an Event Registration

Those individuals granted access on behalf of a RSO can follow the following instructions to register an event on the University’s online student organization management system, The Forum:

  • Visit
  • Sign in using your Ole Miss web ID & password (top right corner)
  • Select the black square in the top right corner of the page
    • Select “Manage”
  • From this screen, select the organization that will be hosting the event
  • Select the tool menu on the left corner of the screen
    • Select “Events”
  • Create event & answer all required questions.

Student leaders must adhere to the following procedures in order to have their event registered with the Student Union.

A Note Regarding the 15 Business Day Deadline

Submission of the online event registration, requested feedback and/or approval from any University department or agency, and any other requested documentation must be provided to the Student Union a minimum of 15 business days (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm) before the date of the event, not including the date of the event. The 15 business days also does not include holidays that fall on business days or days that the University is closed for unexpected reasons.

In order to adhere to this deadline, it is highly suggested that student leaders submit the submission for event registration well in advance of the 15 business day deadline in order to have ample time to also submit any requested documentation or attend any required meetings.

I’ve Submitted an Event Registration Submission via the Forum. What’s next?

  • Acknowledgement from the Student Union staff of next steps
    • If you do not have at the time of submission required documents (event monitors, venue contracts or reservation confirmations, bus contracts, etc.), you will be prompted to provide said documents to the appropriate staff member.
    • If you are requested to contact a department for support, permission, or a requested meeting (i.e. Parking & Transportation, Facilities Management, Landscape Services, etc.), you will be notified of contact that you must make.
      • Potential Points of contact include:
        • Amplified Sound: Bradley Baker,
        • Facilities Management: Missy McCracken,
        • Landscape Services: Nathan Lazinsky,
        • On-Campus Venue: Carole Webb,
        • Parking & Transportation: Beth Aldridge (
        • Security Assessment: Bonita Gardner, 662-915-7234
    • Not only must the online submission be made 15 business days in advance of the event, but all required documentation must be provided and all required meetings be had.


  • When submitting the event registration submission, you will be asked to provide contracts or space reservation confirmations with any third-party company whose services you may be using.
  • These contracts should be signed by a company representative (this is generally the owner/manager) and on company letterhead. All proof of reservations must include the date of the event and the time of the reservation.
  • Additionally, if the venue is providing security, this must be included in the venue contract.

On-Campus Space Reservations

Feel free to utilize the following list of on-campus spaces available for RSO use. On-campus reservable spaces may change due to construction, class schedules, etc.  For this reason, there may be additional space options that are not included on this list.

Please note, simply because you have submitted a space reservation form to the appropriate party does not guarantee that your reservation request will be approved.

Off-Campus Venues

Some tips concerning off-campus venues:

  • Please be sure to understand what the capacity is for the space and be sure to have that detail documented.
  • If the venue is providing security, this fact must be included in the contract you provide the Student Union.
  • RSOs utilizing third-parties should be confident in their understanding of contracting with third-parties. Some questions to consider:
    • Does the third-party have liability insurance?
    • What obligations will the RSO have regarding payment(s)?
    •  If traveling outside of LOU, is the RSO aware of the laws of this city and/or state of the venue?

Common Carrier Transportation (Busses)

Some tips concerning common carrier transportation venues:

  • Be sure to understand what the capacity is for the vehicles and be sure to understand expectations of the provider.
  • Verify the exact details regarding how many vehicles will be rented and the timing of that use is documented on the contract.


The security agency must be bonded and approved by University Police as a licensed vendor. Students are responsible for communicating the name of their security company to UPD during their scheduled assessment. Failure to do this or communication of a company that differs from the one used in actuality may result in forfeiting the right to register events for the semester.

Verified Companies:

  • Cobra Security: exp 8/7/2018
    • Wayne Mills, Owner
  • Collegiate Security: exp 8/31/2018
    • Ken Eddy, Owner
  • Velvet Hammer Security: exp 10/28/2018
    • Zach Clolinger, Manager
  • Shaw Security: exp 10/2/2018
    • Delaney Shaw, Owner
  • Wood & Wood Security: exp 1/11/2019
    • Patrick Wood, Owner
  • Tyson & Tyson Security: exp 10/25/2018
    • Adam Tyson, Owner
  • CNS Security: exp 9/5/2018
    • Chasity Wilburn, Owner

UPD Security Consultations

  • When a Security Consultation with UPD is required, students should call 662-915-7234 and speak with Bonita Garner to schedule a consultation.
  • Consultations are scheduled for 20 minute windows Monday – Friday from 8am – 7pm. UPD Security Consultations are unavailable on the Friday prior to any home football game. They are also unavailable until 12pm on the Mondays following home football games.  Note: UPD reserves the right to reschedule any consultation based on their availability. You will be notified if your consultation needs to be rescheduled.

Pending, Approved, Denied Submissions

  • Pending
    • When your event application is labeled as “pending,” it means that it has been submitted to the Student Union.
    • The student who submitted the event registration submission, as well as the RSO’s president, should regularly check the event registration submission for instructions from not only the Student Union but other University departments.
  • Approved
    • When your event registration submission is marked as “approved,” it means that all requested documentation has been provided and all required meetings have been had.
      • Note: Receipt of documentation is the responsibility of the student leaders/member of the organization. It is not the responsibility of the department or agency.
  • Denied
    • When your event registration submission is marked as “denied” it means one of three things:
      • 1) That the student leader who submitted the submission failed to provide requested documentation by the stated deadline;
      • 2) That the form was not submitted within the required 15-business day deadline; or
      • 3) That the event was cancelled by the student leader/student organization.

Forgiveness Policy & Additional Sanctions

Each RSO is afforded one missed deadline/late submission per academic semester. This will be documented by the Student Union. Any late submissions after an RSO’s one free semester pass is used will be denied.

Please note: Even if a RSO has paid significant money to reserve a space, hire security, book transportation, contract entertainment etc. an event may not take place if it has been denied by the Student Union.

If the event continues even after being denied, the RSO will be referred to the Office of Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct for hosting an unregistered event. Requests for approval of late registration will rarely be allowed.