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The Gertrude C. Ford Ole Miss Student Union
The University of Mississippi

Event Registration FAQs

  • Does the event really need to be registered?

    • If a RSO’s event meets any one (or more) of the following criteria, event registration with the Student Union is required:
      • Alcoholic beverages will be present at the event (be sure to review the University’s Alcohol Policy Ole Miss Alcohol Policy pertaining to student organizations as well as local, state and federal laws pertaining to alcohol);
      • More than 150 individuals are expected to be in attendance at the event;
      • The event will be held outdoors;
      • The event is open to off-campus guests; and/or
      • The event will take place outside the Lafayette, Oxford, and University (LOU) area.
    • Failure to register an event that meets any of the above criteria will result in that RSO’s referral to the Office of Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct.
  • How do I know if we really need to register our event?

    • Refer back to our five main points. If you still are not completely sure, please reach out to our office! We will be happy to have a conversation about what should/should not be registered.
  • If my organization is hosting a co-sponsored event (e.g. Swaps, collaborative social/philanthropic events, etc.) do both groups need to submit an event registration?

    • No. When filling out the event registration submission via the calendar feature of Forum, the RSO completing the submission can list other RSOs who are also sponsoring the event.
    • For more information about how to co-sponsor an event within the Forum, check out this link. 
  • Our two week deadline is coming up soon, and we don’t have a space booked. Can I still submit an application?

    • Yes! If you do not have a space booked, verified, or confirmed but have an idea of where you would like your event to be hosted, submit the event registration submission with that information.
  • Why do I need to complete a UPD Consultation?

    • RSOs must meet with University Police for numerous reasons. Namely, if your event has potential to have significant high-risk elements, a UPD security consultation will be required. UPD address specific areas of concern and will allow you to ask questions about how to ensure your event is both safe & successful.
  • What do you mean by ‘Amplified Sound,’ and how does it get approved?

    • Note, the University’s Amplified Sound policy is designed to monitor and regulate amplified sound outdoors on-campus only.
    • Amplified sound is considered any sound created or enhanced by the use of
      sound-amplifying equipment. It is important to remember that, while we work diligently to support successful student events, the academic mission of the University comes first. With approval from the Ole Miss Student Union, amplified sound is permitted on-campus on the following dates & times:

      • Fridays from 5:00 PM until 11:59 PM
      • Saturdays from 12:00 PM until 11:59 PM
      • Sundays from 2:00 PM until 9:00 PM
    • Decibel levels for amplified sound shall not exceed 80 dB from thirty (30) feet from the sound source. Requests to exceed this decibel level must be submitted to the Ole Miss Student Union office five (5) days prior to the event or activity for approval.
  • Wait – Union Unplugged is on Tuesdays & Thursdays. How does that work in regards to Amplified Sound?

    • The Pavilion Presents/Union Unplugged series happens weekly under special circumstances granted by the Office of the Student Union and the Student Activities Association. Groups wanting to participate in the series can email to coordinate. These events are registered by SAA and not the individual participating organization.
  • My RSO wants to host a race/walk/5k. How do I make that happen?

    • Coordinating any sort of race/walk is going to be complicated. But it is doable!
    • First, you will need to submit an event registration submission.
    • Many RSOs will want to start their race/walk in the Grove, so you will need to book the Grove & Grove Stage through the Office of the Student Union.
    • You will need to meet with UPD to plan out a route as well as with Parking & Transportation to coordinate alternate routes for the OUT Busses.
    • Depending on what the event will look like, you will also be asked to connect with Landscape Services and Facilities Management.
    • Because coordinating an event like this is complex, it is highly recommended that you begin by submitting your event registration submission a full month in advance prior to the event taking place.
  • What are the possible routes for walks/races/parades across campus?

    • There are four possible routes your organization can utilize to ensure the safety of our community, the following routes are available for walks and runs. These routes take into consideration the time of day and week, traffic concerns, and construction around campus.
      • Weekend 5K Run/Walk Route
      • Weekday Short Run/Walk Route
      • Long Walk Route
      • Short Walk Route
  • Something has come up, and we will need to change the date of our event – can we do that without any penalties?

    • Absolutely. OLA is happy to work with your RSO to find a new date that works for both you and our campus partners. For a “pending” event registration submission, simply comment on the submission requesting a date change. OLA will then “deny” the event registration submission so that you can made any edits to the original submission.
    • If you want to cancel the event after the event has been “approved,” simply “manage the event” and click “cancel.” OLA will make note of cancelled events with appropriate University departments.
  • What do the various “visibility” options mean when I’m registering the event?

    • Public: Visible to anyone in the world
    • Institution: Visible only to those logged into the Forum with a web ID & password
    • Organization: Visible only to the members of the RSO (as indicated via the RSO’s Forum roster)
    • Invitation only: Visible only to those who were specifically and individually invited to the event
    • For more information about visibility options, check out this Visibility Overview. 
  • How can we track event attendance?

    • Tracking attendance on Mobile App

      Using the Event Check-in App is easy! Similar to card-swiping, an organization officer or administrator will need to be able to pull the access code for the event, but can share this access code with any member of campus to assist in checking users into the event. In contrast to card swiping, the event check-in app expertly assures user privacy and streamlines the check-in process with no need for student IDs at all.

    • Tracking participation manuallyThe first method to assign participation to a user is to click +Add Attendance button. Here, you have three tabs with different options for adding event participation.


      On the Invitations tab, you will see a list of users that were invited to the event. For each user, select the appropriate level of attendance (AttendedAbsentExcused, or N/A). You can also add additional comments about a user’s attendance, if applicable.

      Text Entry

      On the Text Entry tab, you can enter attendee information in bulk, using either the users’ campus email address or their Card ID numbers (either the ID number alone or the full swipe string will work!). So, if you collect users’ email addresses during sign-in at an event, you can copy and paste that information into the text entry field and add that attendance data. For each entry, you can also choose the attendance status. Enter up to 500 attendees using this method, with one email or ID per line.

      You will only have the ability to upload ID numbers if you have Card IDs configured for your community. Contact your Consultant for more information.

      File Upload

      The File Upload tab allows you to enter a .csv or .txt file containing attendees’ email addresses or ID numbers/string. Select the identifier type, upload the file, assign the proper level of attendance credit and click Upload.  Please limit attendance uploads to a maximum of 1,000 records.

      You will only have the ability to upload ID numbers if you have Card IDs configured for your community. Contact your Consultant for more information.

      Attendance URL

      On the Manage Event page for any Event, you will find an Attendance URL. Any Engage user who visits this link during the event or up to 72 hours after the event ends will be marked as attended for this event.
      This link can be shared through the chat feature of your online meeting platform of choice, and anyone who clicks on it will essentially be self-reporting their attendance.