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The Gertrude C. Ford Ole Miss Student Union
The University of Mississippi

Student organizations may travel to conferences and activities outside of the Lafayette, Oxford, and University (LOU) areas. However, this travel should be registered with The Gertrude C. Ford Ole Miss Student Union through the event registration process housed in The ForUM.

All students traveling for the organization MUST complete the activity waiver. These waivers should be kept by the organization’s advisor or leadership for seven years following the event.

Think through all aspects of your travel for any trip for safer, more enjoyable travel. In planning a responsible trip, consider the following:

  • Is this trip something your organization should do?
  • Is the trip in line with the mission and purpose of your student organization?
  • Is the trip in line with your vision and goals for the student organization?
  • Does your organization have the capability and resources to plan such a trip?
  • Does this trip make sense for your organization’s membership? Bottom line, does this trip need to be taken to be beneficial to the group? What is the expected outcome?
  • Has the trip been approved through the organizational decision making process?
  • Have you discussed and assessed risks (financial, reputational, physical, and emotional) associated with this trip?
  • Have you made decisions about accepting, reducing or eliminating those areas of risk?
  • Do you have a plan for addressing the risk issues?
  • Have you discussed the trip with your advisor?
  • Have you planned appropriately to reduce risk?
  • Have you considered working with licensed, insured companies that can provide your travel service which can reduce risk for your group?
  • Have you initiated and completed any forms, waivers, rosters, etc., associated with your trip?
  • Do you have all the materials, equipment, and resources needed for a safe, responsible travel?

Travel Planning and Resources

Registered student organizations (RSOs) should work with The Gertrude C. Ford Ole Miss Student Union to obtain copies of suggested travel waivers and waivers for other high risk activities and events. To be cautious and proactive, RSOs should create a travel roster, emergency contact sheet, and travel plan before traveling and take a copy of these documents along on the trip.

The TRAVEL ROSTER should include:

  • Names of all the organization’s members who are traveling, including phone and email


  • Emergency contact information for each member of the group traveling including:
    • Traveler’s Name
    • Emergency Contact
    • Phone number (more than one if available)
    • Relationship to the traveler

The TRAVEL PLAN should include:

  • Name of the organization
  • Dates of the trip
  • Destination
  • Lodging and Accommodations
  • Planned stops along the route
  • Phone number where the organization can be reached at all times
  • Phone number of the closest local hospital near the destination in case of emergency
  • The organization members who are on the trip (travel roster)
  • Emergency contact sheet
  • Name of the organization President, contact information, and signature
  • Contact information for appropriate FSU contacts (advisor, department, etc.)


All travelers should sign this waiver prior to leaving on the trip.

Safe Driving

  • Drivers should be well rested, healthy and alert.
  • Take breaks from driving and avoid driving more than two to three hours at a time.
  • Avoid operating vehicle at late hours or very early hours when it may be harder to stay alert.
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers or anyone you are not well acquainted with.
  • Transport only those who are officially authorized to travel with your group.
  • Limit conversations with passengers while driving.
  • Avoid use of cell phone or playing music too loud while operating vehicle.
  • Require an alert passenger be seated in passenger seat at all times to assist the driver.
  • Avoid carrying firearms, ammunition, explosives, etc.
  • Avoid overloading vehicle with equipment, extra baggage, etc.
  • Be alert to construction areas or other hazards between you and your destination
  • Use the 511 telephone Travel Information System en route if available to get up to date road conditions
  • Coordinate and communicate departure time, arrival time, etc. to all concerned parties at home and at your destination point
  • Be aware that you are taking a risk riding in any vehicle and that you are doing so at your own risk and responsibility
  • The University of Mississippi provides NO INSURANCE in case of an accident – this responsibility lies entirely with the driver of the vehicle.
  • Avoid all drinking, drugs, etc. including prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • Be safe passengers and do not disrupt the driver in any way
  • Know that the driver is responsible for your safety
  • Wear your seatbelt at all times
  • One passenger should be designated to sit in the passenger seat and stay alert in order to assist the driver