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Ole Miss Student Union

The University of Mississippi

 Why the SAA?

I have been a part of SAA for 2 years. I initially joined SAA to be more involved on campus. Through this organization I gained much experience, many friends and had a blast!

Sydney LaCotts
Senior, Hospitality Management major

I wanted to be part of SAA because I knew I would get so much out of it, things I couldn’t learn from anywhere else.  This group gave me a break away from school to simply enjoy college.  I never felt like I was “working” an event, because I always had fun in what I was doing.

Justine Ibale
Junior,  Biochemistry Major

The reason I joined SAA was because I wanted to get involved in the Ole Miss community. As a freshman, I didn’t have too many friends in the beginning of the year and figured that with all SAA does around Ole Miss, I would have the opportunity to meet new people and be provided wonderful opportunities. Just as I hoped, I have made great friends and had the chance to feel like I am positively contributing to the Ole Miss community. It was the best decision I made and I’m so happy to have been able to join SAA.

Alexandria Leidt
Freshman, Psychology major

Getting involved at Ole Miss can seem daunting, or at least I know it did to me. At the start of my sophomore year, I felt like I was behind the curve, trying to find a way to get linked in with other students, and the University itself. I applied to be on the pageants committee hoping to follow in the footsteps of older friends who were leaders in SAA. I thought that joining SAA would give me a chance to become a part of an organization, and it has more than fulfilled my expectations. SAA has given me the opportunity to give back to the student body, the Oxford community, and the University itself, just a little of what I have gotten out of my experience at Ole Miss.

Carly Eason
Junior, International Studies, Public Policy and Spanish major