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The Gertrude C. Ford Ole Miss Student Union
The University of Mississippi

What is the First Amendment Support Team (FAST)?

“FAST” is an acronym that refers to the University of Mississippi’s First Amendment Support Team. FAST has four components –a FAST Advisory Committee, FAST Coordinators, FAST Team Captains, and FAST On-Call Members, all of which are collectively referred to herein as “FAST” or “FAST Participants.” FAST members are comprised of volunteer staff and faculty on campus. FAST Coordinators include the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Dean of Students and the Director of the Ole Miss Student Union. 


What is the role of FAST?

The University of Mississippi First Amendment Support Team (FAST) supports the rights of our students to engage in free speech and expressive activity protected by the Mississippi and United States Constitutions, including but not limited to the right to assemble, debate, demonstrate, march, and protest. Freedom of expression is not simply a right guaranteed by the First Amendment, it is fundamental to the University of Mississippi’s mission.

The mission of the University is to create, evaluate, share and apply knowledge in a free, open and inclusive environment of intellectual inquiry. Students are encouraged to freely examine and exchange diverse ideas inside and outside of the classroom without fear of retribution, intimidation or coercion.

The role of FAST team members is primarily to support expressive activity held on campus planned by students at which student engagement is anticipated.