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Ole Miss Student Union

The University of Mississippi

Graduate Assistantships

Working as a member of the Ole Miss Student Union team, the Ole Miss Student Union Facilities, Student Activities, Associated Student Body, RebelTHON and Big Event graduate assistants work to provide direction for student learning and academic success while assisting with the coordination of the advisory, supervisory, programmatic, operational, and administrative facets of the Ole Miss Student Union.

Student Activities (position filled through Spring 2021)

Student Union Facilities (position filled through Spring 2022)

Associated Student Body (position filled through Spring 2022)

RebelTHON (position filled through Spring 2021)

The Big Event (position filled through Spring 2022)

For additional information about the Ole Miss Student Union and/or the Graduate Assistantship position, please contact:

Bradley Baker, Director of the Ole Miss Student Union
Phone: (662) 915-1044