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The Gertrude C. Ford Ole Miss Student Union
The University of Mississippi

Advisor Resources

Below are resources available specifically for Advisors, in addition to the general RSO management resources. The information included will be updated with the most up-to-date campus policies/recommendations. If you have any additional questions or recognize other resources that would be beneficial, please email

RSO Advisor Guide


RSO Advisors play an important role in the functioning and development of our students and student organizations. Not only is it a requirement for ALL registered student organizations to have a UM Faculty/Staff Advisor, but research shows that involvement in co-curricular activities, such as registered student organizations, correlates positively with persistence, achievement, satisfaction, career advancement, and educational development.

As an advisor, we hope you will help your registered student organization develop programs that foster their commitment to academic excellence, provide the best possible experience to our undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, and assist our students in serving our community, state, and world.

Advisors often work behind the scenes and in tandem with student leaders to “make things happen.” We hope the resources below will assist you as you navigate your role. Reach out to if you ever need anything!